Residential Scaffolding Gold Coast


First-rate Residential Scaffolding


At Planet Scaffold we offer a wide selection of scaffolding, roofing and protection equipment for residential projects. We’re happy to work directly with individual homeowners, builders, management companies, housing associations and construction companies.

We offer comprehensive services which include design, assembly and dismantling of our scaffolds. That allows you to focus on your project whilst leaving the scaffolding to us.

Our team of highly skilled designers will work with the specific needs of your project and create a customised design that will keep both the public and workers safe. Their expertise allows them to address challenging situations without sacrificing safety or quality.
We’re committed to your safety and the safety of our workers. Our scaffolding and all the components are constructed from durable materials and are inspected regularly to ensure stability and reliability. We’re proud to hold an exemplary safety record and always ensure both our supplies and our staff meet safety standards. Because of our commitment to safety, we include edge protection on all of our scaffolds.

We provide scaffolding for residential projects like:


Residential House

House extensions

Residential House

Loft conversions

Residential House


Residential House

Window replacements

We also provide an array of support equipment like temporary stairs and electric cantilevered hoists. The hoists are ideal for lifting materials on low-rise worksites, saving labour and unnecessary physical labour. The stairs are a modern and safer alternative to ladders.